Resin Filled Surface Pool Lamp is combined by resin filled bulb and frame.

1). Resin Filled Bulb
The bulb is filled with resin inside, which makes it 100% waterproof, and it supports 16 different kinds of color styles.
It is designed to replace tranditional PAR56 or LED PAR56.
With super slim, good to dispel the heat, never leaking, never break,and easy to install.
It has power on/off function, which means it doesn't need any remote controller, but just switching its power off and on, then it will change to next mode to make all lamps in pool synchronous. And it has memory function to memory the color in last time, so it will keep the same color when you connect power on in next time.

18W= 252 pcs of SMD 3014 LED=1620lm
24W= 333 pcs of SMD 3014 LED=2160lm
30W= 441 pcs of SMD 3014 LED=2700lm
35W= 531 pcs of SMD 3014 LED=3150lm
42W= 630 pcs of SMD 3014 LED=3780lm



2). Frame
We offer surface mounted frame in PC and Stainless Steel material, and also embedded niche just the same function as normal PAR56 Poolhousing(niche), but different accessories.

Instruction & Use
This is a high technology electronic controlled light based on LED’s in three colors: red, green
and blue. These three base colors together can produce many other colors to create the perfect
atmosphere in the pool. Any of the 16 pre-programmed effects can be selected with the on/off
switch of your pool lights. The LED’s can also be warm white only or natural white only. The
LED’s are driven by constant current. The technology of True PWM is adopted on the lights.
High temperature protection makes the LED’s be protected while the internal temperature
reaches a high level. All these technologies guarantee long working life of the LED lamps. Filled
fully with resin,the lights are completely waterproof ,and they must be used/operated while fully
submerged underwater only.
• This lamp is designed to be fixed in new pools and/or pools with existing lamps that need
• This lamp is designed to be used only once. Should it become defective , repair is impossible
and replacement is necessary .
• The manufacture is not responsible in any circumstances for assembly ,installation or start-up
of any electric components which have been inserted or handled at location other than its one
16 Programs of RGB LED Bulbs
1. White: sun white
2. Red: one color red
3. Green: one color green
4. Blue: one color blue
5. Green-blue: fixed color green/blue
6. Red-green: fixed color red/green
7. Blue-red: fixed color blue-red
8. Evening sea: slow animation red/blue
9. Evening rivers: slow animation red/green
10. Riviera: slow animation green/blue
11. White: neutral white
12. Rainbow: slow animation blue/red/green
13. River of colors: program 12, followed by program 15
14. Disco: fast animation
15. Four seasons: slow animation in red/blue/green/violet
16. Party: fast animation

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