1). Input Voltage: 12V ac/dc
2). Brand LED: High Power LED
3). Watt: 12W, 15W, 18W, 36W, 45W, 54W
4). Lumen: 12W=1140lm, 15W=1425lm, 18W=1710lm, 36W=3420lm, 45W=4275lm, 54W=5130lm
5). Dimension: D298xH70mm
6). Material: PC
7). Warranty: 2 Yeas
8). Life Span: 50000hrs
9). Color versions: R/G/B/White/Warm white/RGB with remote
10). IP68 Waterproof
11). CE RoHS certificated

They are highly resistant to shock, heat and chemical attacks from water treatment products
Two terminals with screws moulded into the cup provide a rock-solid connection to the 12-volt power cable connection.

Reliable and efficient:
Its friction-welded optic lens, which has been specially developed for underwater lighting, spreads light around the pool evenly and excellently without dazzling bathers.

Its LED light source means that major savings can be made by pool users(energy savings) and also by professionals when building a pool.
A 2x1.5mm² power cable connected to a safety transformer is all that is needed to install a Goldture PAR56 lamp(savings in labour and materials).

Other Benefits:
* Low energy consumption
* Safe for children
* Saves work during installation
* Easy to install, and easy to use
* Long lifespan
* 24 month warranty
* No risk of overheating
* No risk to eyes
* CE RoHS certificated

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